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Future Mobile Technology is a young, innovative technology company pushing the boundaries of innovation, quality, design and affordability.

Since the inception of the mobile industry, we have produced mobile products (smart phones and mobile tablets) for the cellular industry, partnering with carriers, distributors and retailers to bring affordable, high quality, exquisitely designed products to the market and into the hands of the consumer. Our brand “netsurfer” is a fresh, modern brand designed for a cross section of new adopters to technology and experienced tech savvy customers who desire to purchase a good quality mobile device at a great price. Latest technology is usually only accessible by early adopters at a premium price. FMT Bridges the digital divide and by embracing changing technology quickly we produce affordable cutting edge products which ensure that everyone has access to the latest technology. By doing this we enable carriers, network operators and other organisations involved in mobile commercial activities to reach previously untapped markets.

Featured products


Android Tablet PC, 7inch, 3G
R 63.68


Android Smartphone, 4inch, 4G LTE
R 52.42


Android Smartphone, 5inch, 3G
R 89.92

netsurfer B-52

Android Smartphone, 6inch, 3G
R 89.92


Android Smartphone, 4.5inch, 3G
R 52.42


Android Smartphone, 5.5inch, 3G
R 82.42


Android Smartphone, 5inch, 3G
R 67.42


Android Smartphone, 5inch, 4G LTE
R 74.92


EarPhones Test product
R 0.75

Mexico V Germany Pay Per View

Mexico V Germany Pay Per View
R 9.62